Tibetan Studies: Past and Present (Indo-Tibetan Studies Series: 1) forwarded by Dilip K Sinha
Author Dash, Narendra K
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages xii+204p, ind, 23 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 817479039X, 9788174790392
Short Description
The present volume is a collection of 18 articles dealing with Tibetan language, literature and culture. These were contributed by the leading Indo-Tibetologist and presented at a Seminar held at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan and will be of interest to the researchers, scholars and those who are interested in the field. Contents: (1) Indo-Tibetan Studies at Santiniketan: Past and Prospects by Bisawanath Banerjee (2) A Glimpse on the Tibetan Language Studies by Suniti Kumar Pathak (3) Buddhism in Tibet: An Overview by Pranabananda Jash (4) Personal Observation on Tibetan Language and Literature by Lama Chimpa (5) Lepcha Studies and Some Social Values Evaluated by Arpita Chatterjee (6) A Glimpse of the Tibetan Lexicography by Kalpika Mukherjee (7) Tibetan Language in Three Decades (1960-1990) by Anandamayee Ghosh (8) Contribution of Guru Padmasambhava on Spread of Buddhism in Sikkim by Dechen D. Dorjee (9) Role of Padmasambhava in Tibet by Bela Bhattacharya (10) Mask:A Significant Trait of the Tibetan Culture by Chittaranjan Patra (11) Non-Violence and Nature Awareness in the Chos kyi tsi gs su bcad pa (Dhammapada) Malavika Bandyopadhyaya (12) An Analysis of the Authentic Authorship of the Tibetan Medical Treatise Cha lag bco brgyad (12th Century A.D.) and a Description of its Historical Background by Barbara Gerke (13) Tibetan Language and the Council in Standardization by Jampel Kalden (14) Prof. Tucci's Work in the Field of Buddhist Logic by Heramba Chatterjee Shastri (15) Hetutattvopadesa: A Sudy by Narendra Kumar Dash (16) Relation between Sanskrit and Tibetan by Biplab Kumar Mondal (17) Buddhist System of Education by Prakriti Chakraborty (18) The Ran-Bshin Gsum-la jug-Pa'i Sgrub-Pa of Arya Nagarjuna: A Critical Study by Lalita Chakraborty
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