Children in Conflict with Law: Efforts to Reform and Rehabilitate
Author Sanyal, Shubhra
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xiv+186p, bib, ind, 23 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 8174792430, 9788174792433
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About the Book:
The book comprehensively upholds the status of the children who are apprehended for committing crime and have been sent to Correctional Homes for reformation. An ongoing effort on the part of the Government to resettle them and restore them is discussed in detail in this book. It is a full research work where the data highlights the attitude and the personality profiles of the children and their outlook towards the change in life.
In other words this book is a mirror to the world of the endeavour to reclaim children lost or forsaken by the family and the society to look and look up to the New Dawn.

Preface | Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Concept of Rehabilitation
3. Rehabilitation Through Community Based Programs
4. Research Design
5. Observation Homes Visited Across the States
6. Data Analysis and Interpretation
7. Discussions
8. Recommendations and Suggestion
9. Analysis of Cases
Bibliography | Index

About the Author:
Dr. Shubhra Sanyal (b. 1948), retired from NICFS, MHA as Senior Reader, was endlessly engaged in counseling Children in Conflict with Law in Correctional Home at Kingsway Camp, Delhi from 2006-2014. She also had the opportunity to be the Visiting Professor to Amity University from 2014-2017.
She is the recipient of prestigious awards in the area of Criminology and has being recognized in March 2015 as a Women Achiever for outstanding work in Criminal Psychology. She is also the recipient of Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship for the study on Adult Criminals and their Rehabilitation.