Urban and Regional Planning: A Practical Guide
Author Jain, A K
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xv+480p, bib, ind, 26 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 8195551912, 9788195551910
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About the Book:
India’s 7936 cities and towns with 377 million urban populations provide 60 per cent of the GDP and 70 per cent of the jobs. However, the lack of planning has resulted in poor urban infrastructure services, housing, transport and environment. To meet these challenges, it is necessary to understand the history, principles, concepts and practices of planning as an interdisciplinary subject. The book Urban and Regional Planning: A Practical Guide provides a pathway that aligns with the socio-economic, environmental and technological aspects. Written in a simple language with several illustrations, the book is a comprehensive guide for the students and practitioners of planning, architecture and engineering.

Preface | 1. Introduction: Urban & Regional Planning | 2. Urban Policies and Programmes | 3. Planning Surveys, Mapping and Analysis | 4. Policy Planning Reforms | 5. Urban Land Policy | 6. Strategic and Local Planning | 7. Rural Development Planning | 8. Planning Process and Techniques | 9. Development Control Regulations and Building Bye-Laws | 10. Environmental Planning | 11. Greens and Public Spaces | 12. Planning the Social Infrastructure | 13. Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change | 14. Planning a Disaster Resilient Habitat | 15. Housing for All | 16. In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation and Housing Design | 17. Sustainable Urban Transport | 18. Towards Clean Air | 19. Clean and Renewable Energy | 20. Access to Clean Water | 21. Sustainable Urban Drainage and Sanitation | 22. Solid Waste Management | 23. Resources for Urban Development | 24. Legal Framework for Planning | Bibliography | Index

About the Author:
A K Jain as Commissioner (Planning), Delhi Development Authority, worked on the Master Plan for Delhi-2021, National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, National Urban Transport Policy and various urban projects. He was a member of the Committee constituted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to review the Delhi Development Act. As a member of UN Habitat (HS Net) he contributed to its various reports. He is a member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Environmental Studies (UK) and is author of several books. He is visiting faculty in Planning and Architecture. He was awarded 2nd Urban Professional Award 2014 at World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia and IBC Lifetime Achievement Award (2016).