Chaturbhujnath Nala: A Magnificent Rock Art Gallery in India
Author Giriraj Kumar
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xxxvi+224p, col. & b/w illus., bib, ind, 29 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9383221372, 9789383221370
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About the Book:
Chaturbhujnath Nala (CBN) is a magnificent and richly painted rock art gallery in India. It is located in Gandhisagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Chambal valley in Madhya Pradesh. The site is very sacred to the people of the region, and is protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

The rock art of Chaturbhujnath Nala is still in its pristine condition. It presents varied aspects of life and cognitive development of hunter-foragers of pre-cattle domestication Stone Age (Period-I, Mesolithic) and early pastorals of the Neolithic-Chalcolithic and Historic Age (Period-II) in Holocene Period. The figures vividly depict their understanding of the nature, challenges faced, inventions made and varied devices they developed to meet them, and above all their spirit to live a happy life in harmony with nature. However, the most important feature of the rock art of CBN is the presentation of a distinct picture of transition from hunting-food-gathering mode of life to cattle domestication, which started with humpless cattle (bull) in the late Mesolithic Age, sometimes in the mid Holocene period or a little bit early. The miniature form of figures, sometimes less than 10 mm in length and height, is one of the unique features of the early pastoral rock art of CBN. The artists efficiently picked up specific moments of the episode of life and nature which were capable of creating the entire incident in the mind of an observer. The legacy of the creative traditions of CBN continues in the present pastorals and tribes of the region.

The book presents the rock art of Chaturbhujnath Nalas as a reflection of the celebration of life in perfect harmony with nature through time. It is the secret of achieving both the worlds of development and enjoying the meaningful and blissful life in its totality.