Water Design: Environment and Histories
Author Neubauer, Jutta Jain (ed)
Year 2016
Binding Hardback
Pages 141p, cols pls, ind, 31 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9383243147, 9789383243143
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About the Book:

In present times, when climate change and water conservation are among the most pressing issues, this book is particularly relevant in drawing attention to historical models that could provide valuable insight and inspiration for future solutions. Much can be learnt from India’s rich systems of harvesting and distributing rainwater and groundwater through a variety of architecture, some of which are engineering and aesthetic marvels. The essays in this edition, written by specialists from around the world, adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, bringing together older research and new findings.



1. Urban Planning at Bundi: Subterranean Water Structures
2. Jaigarh in Amber: Techniques of Water Harvesting
3. Ecomoral Aesthetics at Mathura’s Vishram Ghat: Three Ways of Seeing a River
4. “Waters should be made to flow...”: Babur’s Obsession with Running Water
5. Barapula Nallah and Its Tributaries: Watershed Architecture in Sultanate and Mughal Delhi
6. Jaipur’s Waterscape: A Cultural Perspective
7. Jaina Sites: Water Structures and Symbolism
8. Water in South Indian Temples: Tirthas, Tanks and Vasanta-Mandapas
9. Ellora-Khuldabad-Daulatabad: Water and Sacred Spaces

About the Author:

Jutta Jain-Neubauer has been engaged with the study of water and architecture in various regions of India for more than 35 years, starting with her pioneering work on The Stepwells of Gujarat in Art-historical Perspective (1981).