The Mystery of Krishna: A Spiritual Novel Based on the Story of Krishna and Sudama
Author Mahesh, Eeshaan
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xviii+295p, 23 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9385719165, 9789385719165
Short Description
When this noveI The Mystery of Krishna was being written, during that whole period I felt that I had become a flute. I experienced the soul of becoming a hollow bamboo in a divine form. I saw that the music that was coming out of it was coming and passing through me; but I know very well that the life-force flowing in it is not mine. The lips on which this flute is placed, the fingers dancing on its holes and the utterance of words are all inspired by the cosmic energy of Krishna. The music of this novel enchanted my soul. Everything of Lord Krishna is charming; yet mysterious. I am grateful to Him that he chose me to sing this song of eternal love and friendship. --- Eeshaan Mahesh
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