Facets of Temple Culture: Perspectives on Religious and Social Traditions in Early Medieval India
Author Mavali Rajan, K (eds) et.al.
Year 2018
Binding Hardback
Pages xxiii+348p, b/w pls, 26 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386463067, 9789386463067
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About the Book:
This book consists of twenty three research papers; afford a welcome enlargement of the scope of the religious, social and architectural discourse, which dealt with the some of the important issues like order of hierarchy in the realm of religions, religious patronage and reciprocity, temple-society interface, facets of temple culture and Buddhism and its cultural phase and other issues of the early medieval India.

The importance of the publication of this book lies in the fact that it would not only help the academic world but also all those who are interested in the understanding of the early medieval temple, religion and society. Towards a fuller understanding of the religion and society in early medieval India, the present volume contributes in an enormous way and we hope that this will stimulate further research in the field of cultural and social history of early medieval India.

The strength of this edited volume spotlight on the wide range of aspects on the subject as well as projections of the learned scholars on the theme of this book. It is hoped that the readers would be immensely benefitted from the learned exposition of social hierarchy in the realm of religion and society during the early medieval period of Indian history.

Section I: Order of Hierarchy in the Realm of Religion

1. Order of Hierarchy in the Realm of Religion and Society: An Introspective View from Back and Forth in Indian History
2. Kalyana Kranti and Order of Hierarchy: Analysis of 12th Century Lingayat Movement

Section II: Patronage and Reciprocity

3. Patronage and Reciprocity: the Temple and State in Medieval South India
4. Brahmadeyas verses Vellanvagai Villages - Socio Cultural Hierarchy in Medieval South India
5. Religious Patronage: the Temple and Merchant Community in Medieval South India
6. The Portrayal of Hierarchy through Patronages: Early Medieval Temples of Odisha
7. Land Grants to Religious Institutions: A Study of Land Transaction in Early Medieval Bengal
8. Women and Religious Endowments during the Chola Period

Section III: Temple-Society Interface

9. Early Temple Institution and Augmentation of Social Hierarchy in Kerala
10. Temple-Society Interface in Early Bengal: Gleanings from Epigraphic Records (5th -12th Century A.D.)
11. The Temples Role in Socio-Economic Contour of the Vijayanagar Period
12. Agriculturists and Herdsmen in the Contexts of the Temples of Srikakulam-Vishakhapatnam Region (12th -13th Century C.E.)
13. Supremacy of Mathas over Society and Polity in Early Medieval India: A Study of Golaki Mathas

Section IV: Facets of Temple Culture

14. The Idea of the Sacred in Inscriptions related to Temple and Religious Establishments in Ancient Karnataka
15. Kingship, Temple and Women: A Cultural Integration of the Devadasi System in South India
16. Staging Religious Satire: Temple Performances of Mattavilasa Prahasana
17. Temple: The Abode of God and the Pride of the King
18. Understanding the Identity of Saptamatrika in the light of the Kushana Matrika Sculptures
19. Bishnupur (Bankura) as a “Region”: Re-evaluating the Prospects and Problems

Section V: Buddhism and Culture

20. Buddhism and Contemporary Religions of the North-West: Syncretism, Conversion and Conflict (c. 1st century BCE - c. 5th century CE.)
21. Tibetan Monastic Culture and Its Impact on Social Institutions: General Perspectives
22. Development of Buddhist Art in Tibet: An Overview
23. The Mahabodhi Temple: An Aesthetic Indo-Myanmar Collaboration Culture Design

About the Author:
K. Mavali Rajan is presently teaching in the Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Remya V.P. teaches ancient Indian History at department of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan.

Sarita Khettry is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology, Visva-Bharati.