Dictionary of Bhagavad Gita
Author Banerjee, Bibekanand (ed)
Year 2018
Binding Hardback
Pages xiv+114p, 23 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386463091, 9789386463098
List PriceUS $9.95

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About the Book:
The Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is one of the most revered sacred scriptures of Hinduism and is considered as one of the most important religious classics of the world. This Dictionary of Bhagavad Gita comprises of transliteration, English meaning of the each Sanskrit word of the verses of the Gita and chapter index of almost every word from all eighteen chapters of Gita, arranged alphabetically. The doubtful Sanskrit words are also given the meaning by lucid English version.
This excellent work in a meaningful manner will come in very handy for a beginner who likes to study and understand the meaning of the verses of the Gita and will be of interest to the students, researchers in this subject with a great interest and love.

About the Author:
Dr Bibekananda Banerjee did his MA in Sanskrit with Veda as the special group and then he obtained Acharya (MA) from the Rashtriya Sanskrita Sansthan. New Delhi, with gold medal and awarded Ph. D on the ‘Epics: A Comparative Study’
He started his career as a guest lecturer in Sanskrit. Side by side he successfully completed one-year certificate course in Manuscriptology. Dr. Banerjee was a Research Fellow in the B.U. and the Asiatic Society, Kolkata. He has been working in the Asiatic Society as a Sr. Cataloguer and compiled four volumes of Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts. He has to his credit some research articles published in different periodicals and journals. He also attended National and International conference and read out some research papers in India and abroad.