Ancient Indian Coins: A Comprehensive Catalogue
Author Wilfried Pieper
Year 2021
Binding Hardback
Pages viii+656 pages
ISBN10, ISBN13 9392280017, 9789392280016
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About the Book:
This catalogue exhaustively lists and illustrates 3792 coin images (line drawings wherever needed) of ancient Indian coins of all metals except gold. Each chapter begins with a brief history of the dynasties/series with notes on the coinage. Maps have been profusely used. Eminent numismatists Pankaj Tandon, Alex Fishman and Sanjeev Kumar have contributed chapters on Paratrajas, Western Kshatrapas and Gupta Dynasty respectively. At the end there is a bibliography and index. This will become an indispensable reference book for collectors and scholars of ancient Indian coins for years to come.

About the Author:
Wilfried Pieper needs no introduction. He is well known through numerous articles published in ONS Newsletter, Journal of Oriental Numismatic Society and Numismatic Digest. Besides he has authored Ancient Indian Coins (1998 with Osmund Bopearachchi) and Ancient Indian Coins Revisited (2013).