Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Can I order Indian / Foreign / old print Books that I cannot find in the site?
Yes, Just Contact Us and we will get back to you with your requirement.
Q: Do I need to register an order on
Yes, you do need to register an order by sign in option upside right in the website:
Q: How do I order?
Simply choose all books you want to order and send us the query.
Q: What is your return policy?
We believe our service and merchandise have the best quality and guarantee your satisfaction, therefore we do not accept any returns. If you return a book by post on your own cost in its original condition we will return 90% of your payment for that book. This service is valid for 10 days after our suggested receive time
Q: How can I receive your book catalogues?
You can request a catalogue to send an email at
Q: How can I get published?
You can send your work to us. Our team of editors will review your work and will contact you.