Jainism and Jaina Culture in India
Author Palit, Projit Kumar (ed)
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xxiii+357p, 24 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 8174792406, 9788174792402
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About the Book:
The book contains twenty-nine papers contributed by eminent scholars from India and abroad to articulate on various aspects of the Jainism and Jaina Culture in India to record the results of their years of painstaking and meaningful research in a succinct and lucid manner with great objectivity and scholarly insight. Topics on Jainism and Jaina culture, concept of non-violence, antiquities and art, Jaina philosophy, existence of life after death, Jaina manuscript, painting, language and literature, food adoption and every other aspect and activities have been discussed in their true historical perspective. This volume is a commendable work worthy of a place in every library for the use of researchers as well as general readers.

List of Plates
1. Jainism and Jaina Culture in General
2. Asceticism as Propounded in the Jain Canons
3. The Abode of the Jinas Adjoining the Eastern Indian Plateau: An Archaeological Study
4. Jaina Sarvatobhadra Pratimas or Caumukhas from Purulia District of West Bengal: An Iconographic Discourse
5. Jainism in Bengal from a Literary and Archaeological Point of View
6. Jaina Scultural Remains from Satpatta Village, District Bankura, West Bengal
7. Study of jaina Art as a Source of Indian History and Culture
8. Ecology and Jain Philosophy
9. Environment and Sustainable Development: An Exploration from Jainism
10. On the Arrangement of Some Sutras of Trivikramama’s Prakrit Grammar
11. Techinical Terms in Prakrit Grammar of Hemacandra
12. Scientific Aspects of Karma Theory
13. Akarananiyama: A Transseharian Type of Ethically Possitive Action
14. Peaceful Co-Existence in Jain Ethics
15. Spirituality is the Highest Weal: A Jaina Perspective
16. Self and Liberation: A Jaina Understanding
17. Existence of Life after Death: A Jain Perspective
18. Philosophy of Anekanta Approach’s the Tolerance and Co-exist Mind
19. Jainism: Way of Peace
20. The Jaina Attitude Towards God
21. Divine Aspect in Samvara Nirjana in Jainism
22. Jainism: A Dynamanic Realism
23. Social Aspect of Jainism
24. Non-violence, Rights and Social Development: The Jain Perspective
25. Early Manuscript Paintings in Western India of the Medieval Period
26. Hemacandra on Sarvana
27. Cloisters Jaina Friars In Karnataka
28. The First Collected Edition of Svetambara Jain Canonical Texts
29. Food Adoption: Ahimsa and Jainism