The Cave Temples of India
Author James Fergusson & James Burgess
Year 2022
Binding Hardback
Pages xvi+644p, b/w pls, ind, 26 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 8195549357, 9788195549351
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About the Book:
This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. The author had spent ten years as an indigo planter in India and made numerous trips around India in order to study and document its cave temples. Beginning with a classification and chronology of the Buddhist caves, the cave temples in Kathiawar, South Konkan, Karla, Bhaja, Junnar, Nasic, Ajanta etc., are described in Book-I. In Book-II, the Mahayana caves at Ajanta, Kanheri, Bagh, Ellora and Aurangabad have been discussed. Book-III discusses the early Brahmanical caves at Aihole, Badami, Ellora, etc., and the later Brahmanical caves at Elephanta etc. In Book-IV, the Jaina cave temples at Badami, Aiholi, Ellora, Gwalior have been described.

Featuring intricately detailed and elaborate carvings of various religious figures, these cave structures are architectural marvels unlike any other. Illustrated with more than 150 maps, plans and drawings, this work of impressive scope remains of relevance to students of Indian architecture and history.

About the Author(s):
James Fergusson (1808-1886) was a Scottish-born architectural historian, mainly remembered for his interest in Indian historical architecture and antiquities. He was an important figure in the 19th century rediscovery of ancient India. He was originally a businessman, and though not formally trained as an architect, designed some buildings and decorative schemes. He received the gold medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1871.

James Burgess (1832-1916), an archaeologist, was the part of the Archaeological Survey of India.