Conversation with Bio Yogi: In Quest of Self
Author Anita Sharma
Year 2023
Binding Paperback
ISBN10, ISBN13 8195911196, 9788195911196
Short Description
This book is a series of questions fromą„¤the conversation between students and Milovan Stankov who is an international microbiologist and disease testing specialist. Graduated from the School of Natural Science and Mathematics, Serbia, cofounder of NG-BIOTECH in France. Through inner and outer observation, Milovan applies the scientific approach to attain harmony between both, the infinite inner world and the physical world. His spiritual discourses include the training on: Breathing, observing a biological life function and a spiritual function; Experience of myself, capturing and distributing energy, the dynamics of thought; The movement of consciousness and creation; Chakras, vital organs of our subtle bodies perceptible from within; Prayer, an emotion in phase with the body, the spirit, and the soul for a precise realization. Health, with the mind-body cooperation that allows harmony with the environment.
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