Developmental Economics: From Gender to Natural Resources
Author Sahu, Parikshit
Year 2021
Binding Hardback
Pages 216p, bib, ind, 23 cm
ISBN10, ISBN13 9385719181, 9789385719189
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About the Book:
Developmental Economics: From Gender to Natural Resources is enriched with different thematic areas containing multi-sectoral analysis of Indian as well as global economy. The themes of these topics covered Globalization, Natural Resources Management (NRM), Women Development, Forest Rights Act (FRA), Community Based Forest Management, Human resource Development (HRD), Social sectors development like education, health care and so on.
All these topics of the book will help the students, researchers, developmental practitioners, teachers to a great height for their academic as well as professional development.

About the Author:
Dr Parikshit Sahu
obtained his Master Degree in Analytical & Applied Economics from Utkal University; Bhubaneswar in 1995.He was awarded Ph.D by Utkal University in 2014 for his thesis on "Social Sector Development in Odisha; with special reference to Primary Education and Health Care.” He has been teaching Rural Development programmes of government, acts, rules, guidelines of different programmes, projects and so on to the developmental professionals, government officials, PRI members in different training institutes. He is a prolific writer, public orator, panelist of Doordarshan, a columnist, a singer, a musician and the like. He has published a good volume of research articles, study reports, case studies, success stories to his credit in national and international journals.