The Tamil Poets and Poetry from Medieval Religious to Social Modern Literature
Author S Jeyaseela Stephen
Year 2024
Binding Hardback
Pages xii+180p, bib, ind, 24 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 938646344X, 9789386463449
Short Description
The book examines how the Tamil poets gradually began to turn their attention away from praising kings, chieftains, ruling elites besides on gods and goddesses. It explores how the bards composed ulaa, pillaithamizh, maalai, sathagam, agaval, kalampagam, kovai and toothu poetry in the early modern age. The poets concentrated on the country’s ordinary people. New genres like virali vidu thoothu emerged and laid social focus on depicting the lives of the Brahmins, dancers and prostitutes. Puranams and thalapuranams came to grow into prominence and popularity by encouraging the pilgrims. The study also examines how Tamil Christian poetical religious works composed saw the light of printing. They reported the untouchability, superstitions, bribe and corruption and other social evils present in Tamil society. This volume covering wide ranging aspects is an invaluable guide for understanding the radical and manifold changes in the Tamil poetical scene after the advent of the Europeans and beyond.
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