The Train of Progress
Author Aritra Jana
Year 2024
Binding Paperback
Pages 195p, 22 cm.
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386463776, 9789386463777
Short Description
The book “The Train of Progress” will illuminate the route that a new economic revolution will take in the world economy. In an attempt to create a single ideology that would promote a safer, cleaner, and better economy for this planet, the author has tried to select the best elements from each ideology.
Marxism sees class struggle as the sole thing that exists in its whole and that class conflict is influenced by technical advancement in the first chapter. A focus has been placed on the necessity of universal technical education in order to end the class dialectic.
The second chapter discusses the necessity of national liberation, which entails more than just independence for a particular area of the world. The Cultural Revolution, which will change society, is requested in the third chapter. A cultural revolution will be able to solidify the revolution and its after effects. The vanguard is discussed in the next chapter. The vanguard of the revolution is the fusion of all ideas into one.
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